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[edit] Glenn Albert Khaner


  • Service Number: 475247UD
  • Place of Birth: Newark, NJ
  • Date of Birth: 11/30/28
  • Date of Death: 11/25/50
  • Inducted at: Philadelphia, Penn on 02.03.48
  • Rank: 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Army

[edit] Dossier

  • Active as of July 22

[edit] Psych Report

Psych Report

SOLDIER: 1st Lt Glenn Khaner
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

Glenn is a caring, sensitive man whom I regard with the utmost respect. I knew him before we came to Alaska - that seems like a lifetime ago. I know I'm supposed to remain impartial during these proceedings, but I just can't understand why someone so smart and capable would volunteer for Project Abraham. He says that he wants to help the cause, but I think he would have been better suited to Iceland.

I worry because he has some evidence of, mostly expressed as emotional immaturity. He's in denial about severity of the consequences of joining the study.

Glenn isn't up for experimentation this week. That's a relief, for the moment at least.

[edit] Record of Service

Record of Service / Army Form B.103-2



Khaner, Glenn Albert

Newark, NJ
Philadelphia, PENN on 03.03.48
1st Lieutenant

Report date Record of promotions, reductions, transfers, casualties, etc. Date of implementation
3/8/48 Completion of initial training. Transfer out to 9th 3/11/48
10/11/48 CO F 5 INFANTRY REPL REGT 10/13/48
10/15/48 CAMP GORDON, GA 10/15/48
11/1/49 CO C 4 INFANTRY 11/3/49
1/24/50 12 CO TRANS C CAMP DODGE, IA Promoted to 1st Lieutenant 1/25/50
4/25/50 22 CO TRANS C BASE STATION IGLOO 4/27/50
9/27/50 12 CO TRANS C CAMP MERRITT, NJ 9/29/50
10/10/50 Transfer to ALASKA - specific base location classified 10/12/50

[edit] Dossier - July 25

[edit] Psych Report (2)

Psych Report

SOLDIER: 1st Lt Glenn Khaner
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

I can't help it - I feel protective of Glenn. He can take care of himself, I know, but I can't stop thinking about his situation - what brought him here, how prepared (or unprepared) he is for the consequences, and how he just doesn't fit in with the other soldiers.

This isn't exactly sleepway camp, but there's still a spirit of camaraderie that bonds these men. They signed up for a thankless, devastating task and they're carrying on, chins held high and brave until the end.

And then there's Lieutenant Khaner.

He's well-read, polite and honorable. That may sound nice to the women in Glenn's life, but it doesn't earn him any points with his army contemporaries. Instead, they look up to Sgt. Hale. Nathan is their buddy, their chum. Glenn deserves to be included, too, but it hasn't worked out as of yet.

When the lieutenant speaks about Hale, he focuses on his positive attributes, but I can tell there's a spark of jealousy just below the favorable words.

[edit] Dossier - August 5

[edit] Videos

[edit] Psych Report (3)

Psych Report

SOLDIER: 1st Lt Glenn Khaner
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

Nov. 21st, 1950

I was distracted during my session with Glenn. He is still in denial, still assuring me that everything will be fine. There is some desperation in assertions. Reality is difficult to ignore.

I still can't face the fact that my he is eligible for this week's injection. Now who's avoiding reality?

[edit] Dossier - August 8

  • Added after being informed he was chosen to receive the next PA injection

[edit] Surveillance Audio

Surveillance audio, mess hall.

Transcribed by Project Abraham staffer, 11/23/50

HALE: So, how'd you get roped into this whole thing?

KHANER: You really wanna know?

HALE: Wouldn't have asked if I didn't.

KHANER: I didn't do so well at my last assignment - I was stationed in Iceland.

HALE: From Iceland to Alaska? You lead a real charmed life, Khaner.

KHANER: Tell me about it. I spent six weeks training in Quarantine, triage and containment then tanked the placement exam. (circled in red, noted: 826478)

HALE: That's some raw luck.

KHANER: No luck involved - I failed on purpose.

HALE: What's that?

KHANER: Only got one question right - that's nearly a perfect score!

HALE: Whoa, back up - you meant to blow it?

KHANER: And the question I got right? That was an accident. Did you know that the minimum quarantine period for European influenza was nine days? I sure didn't.

HALE: Let me get this straight - you took the hard work of you and your fellow soldiers and flushed it down the toilet and now you think it's funny?

KHANER: No, I did what I had to do to get here, but there's nothing funny about it.


HALE: Enjoy the rest of your grub, Lieutenant. I lost my appetite.


[edit] Psych Report (4)

Psych Report

SOLDIER: 1st Lt Glenn Khaner
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

This can't be happening. I've counted the votes again and I'm heartbroken - no, I'm ANGRY. How could they choose Glenn?

There are bad people in the world. They should die - not Glenn. This is unfair.

Oh God, how could whine about fairness? There's no such thing. I cling to my voting system as if it will save me. But, it can't save my Glenn.

I have to muster up all my faith and beg the fates that this injection will be different. Otherwise I don't think I'll be able to

I have to stay positive. Glenn needs me. The smile that he loves - I have to maintain it for him now, more than ever before. That's the least I can do.

[edit] Videos

[edit] Dossier - August 12

[edit] Videos

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