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From "Popular Technologies"

[edit] Deadly Influenza - Continues to Ravage Europe - Biologists Scramble For a Cure

Reports of mass evacuations, mercy killings and widespread panic continued to filter out of Europe this month as the devastating influenza outbreak claimed more victims. The body count has reached the hundreds of thousands and science is at a loss for answers.

"We've got a team of biochemists in Fort Greeley assessing the situation," assured Chad Evverest, a federal health spokesman. "They're working round-the-clock, so a vaccine shouldn't be far off. Once we find it, we'll inoculate every American man, woman, and child before the flu reaches our shores."

But how exactly do they plan to haly the deadly plague? Officials remain tight-lipped.

"Don't worry," continued Evverest, "We have nothing to fear. As long as we continue to protect our borders, everyone will survive this scare without so much as a scratch."

(Image of a map of Europe and northern Africa behind a group of working scientists.)

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